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Aidan Andrew Dun

A newspaper interview with poet and IMT music buisness graduate Aidan Andrew Dun. Click the pic for a PDFAidan Andrew Dun

Music production student tracks

Written, performed, recorded and mixed in a day by music production students ...

Class 1 (NDMP34)

Class 2 (NDMP35)

John Rhodes website screenshotNicholas Royle

Nicholas completed his web design course in May 2010. He gained his qualification and produced this excellent CV portfolio web site.

Pauls siteVignes

Vig completed his web design course in 2010. Vig has been deeply involved in trying out the new possibilities of html5. Visit his impressive web site.

Site screenshotGreg Dixson

Greg completed his web design course in June 2010. Here is a site he completed for a plumbing company

Pauls sitePaul Boorer

Paul completed his web design course in June 2010. Paul experimented with many interesting and innovative coding techniques for his CV portfolio web site.

John Rhodes website screenshotJohn Rhodes

John completed his web design course in Dec 2009. He successfully gained his qualification and produced an elegant CV portfolio web site.

Carla CampbellCarla Campbell - business woman

Carla is a highly motivated businesswoman and talented musical performer.

Instant Melodies screenshotSince graduating she has opened her own successful business (Instant Melodies) and pursued her career as a singer / songwriter.

South London Press profile (PDF)


site screenshotAmrit Manku - web designer


Amrit attended our 13 week multimedia / web design course where he learnt Flash, XHTML and CSS. Amrit was both enthusiastic and talented.

Amrit's City & Guilds portfolio website

Jimi Doung - web designer

Jimi attended our web design course and has since gone onto university.

Jimi's City & Guilds portfolio website

Bea Henkel - sound engineer

Bea graduated in 2002 having successfully completed our Sound Engineering City & Guilds qualification. During her studies Bea attended a work placement at the world renowned Olympic Studios. At the end of her course Olympic offered Bea a job and she now works there full time.

"The sound engineering course I did at IMT changed my life! The teaching and careers advice were unbeatable. I had to work incredibly hard to make the most of the opportunities IMT gave me, but it paid off and I am now employed at the legendary Olympic Studio - one of the best studios in the world!".

MC Skibadee - international recording artist

Successful drum 'n' bass recording artist MC Skibadee attended our New Deal for Musicians programme.

“A lot of the advice has been invaluable. I don’t think you could get this much help anywhere else. I would recommend Hurricane’s course to anyone. No pressure, just good advice.”
MC Skibadee


Yana Johnson - business woman

Yana completed her Music Technology course in 2002 and has since opened a successful business. Yana was always very diligent in everything she attempted and took her studies, career development and business activities very seriously. Her success is a tribute to her high levels of personal motivation and hard work.

South London Press profile (PDF)

Rob JarvisRob Jarvis - DJ, artist & publisher

Rob attended our Music Technology course.

Since completing his studies Rob has followed a successful career combining his work at Victoria Music and Electronic Publicity Management with his DJ'ing and record production work.

"The Music Technology course at IMT has given me the opportunity and education to explore and develop the art of music. All the tutors helped me to hone my skills as a music producer. Because of the training, encouragement, and inspiration I received I have now pursued a professional career in music production and engineering with great success.

The facilities are great and the department provides the perfect atmosphere for creating and learning, one cannot help but grow."

Toby Stack - IT technician & web developer

Toby Stack

Toby studied with us, completed an apprenticeship with us, and is now employed by us!

Video profile - low quality (8.9 Mb QuickTime)

Video profile - hi quality (39.9Mb QuickTime)

Get FREE QuickTime player

Ryan Wilson - musician and designer

Ryan completed our multimedia course and is now working in multimedia and music.

Ryan's City & Guilds portfolio

philPhil D'Aroso - musician

Phil is a talented professional trained classical percussionist who came to learn how to create websites to support his activities.

Hear some of Phil's music here

Phil's City & Guilds portfolio

James Eve - musician

Adissan (5.3Mb MP3)

James completed his Sound Engineering City & Guilds qualification in 2004.

Gran Capitan are James Eve and Saphia Smith. We are a band who combine lo-fi sampling & synths with more traditional music arrangements. To us Pholk music is all about using whatever it is you have around you, be it a harmonica or a cheap sampler. It's the sound of birds singing to the hum of power lines. We have played at various London venues including the Brixton Windmill, the Verge, Kentish Town, and the Infinity Club in the West End.

Pete Molinari CD coverPeter Molinari - musician

Peter. who attended our New Deal for Musicians programme, is a talented singer-songwriter. It is common for musicians in the early part of their careers to have many questions regarding the workings of the music industry and we were able to give him practical career and business advice including help in supplementing his income with teaching work until those royalty cheques start rolling in.

Recently, Peter has had a Single of the Week on Radcliffe & Maconie’s Radio 2 show, radio appearances with Robert Elms and Janice Long, and major interviews in Mojo and Sound On Sound (based on the recording of his new album at Toe Rag studios). Peter is currently on tour in Ireland, with dates throughout the rest of the UK to follow.


Robbie Stacey - web designer

Robbie moved from the music industry (he owned and ran a studio) into web design. He completed our multimedia/web design course and now runs his own highly successful business. We only wish he'd stop flaunting his 4-wheel drive Porsche at us!

Robbie's design company site

SadieSadie Hubbard - music technologist

Sadie (22) moved from Ireland in the summer of 2001 to pursue a career in the music industry. She secured a placement at Tonezone studio in Kent and made a 140 mile round trip journey every day to attend our music technology course.

"When I started at IMT Hurricane I didn't even know how to turn on a computer ... it's been the best opportunity of my life ... it really has!"

The week Sadie successfully completed her qualification she received work offers both from her placement and Chris Difford's (Squeeze) Heliocentric studio in Rye.

"Everything that happened at Hurricane was positive. The course and tutors gave me the confidence to apply for jobs. I can't believe I'm working doing something I love!"

sheep.mp3 (5.9Mb)

Jo Taylor - musician & business woman

How Did It Ever Come To This - Easyworld (2.8Mb MP3)

Jo has been in Easyworld for the past seven years, and attended our New Deal for Musicians programme when the band was unsigned. Since completing the programme Jo has enjoyed numerous top 40 hits with the band and has released three albums. They have toured extensively throughout the U.K. and have a strong fanbase of around 5000 members. Jo currently runs her own retro clothing store and a club promoting local bands in Eastbourne.

"I was 18 when I started playing the bass guitar then a few months later, a friend invited me to see a band he managed. I was struck by how good they were, but their bass player was terrible! With a bit of Dutch courage I got my friend to introduce me to the singer, Dav. I blurted out "I'm a bass player and I think you need a new one!". We started doing gigs around Eastbourne, but nothing really happened for a long time. We juggled our rehearsal and gig time with doing other jobs to pay the bills. I did everything from working in C&A to shelf stacking, the lot!

I was on Jobseekers allowance for 6 months and wanted to do something constructive, something related to what I wanted to do with my like. I found a New Deal for Musicians course (at IMT) and its staff where friendly, supportive and allowed me to focus on my chosen career path. There were a number of resources on offer which you could tailor to suit your own requirements, and I really felt it was the nudge I needed to be more pro-active in making myself a success. Since leaving the course my band Easyworld signed a deal with Jive Records, has had 5 top 75 singles, traveled the length and breadth of the country and made countless radio and TV appearances.

I'd say to anyone else to just go for what you want - you've got nothing to lose."

Nina Walsh - musician & artist

I Come Flying (2.7Mb MP3)

Nina successfully completed her Sound Engineering City & Guilds qualification in 2004. You can find out more about her creative activities at her website from which the following biographical information was taken ...

Nina Walsh is a groundbreaking composer, performer and producer. Her path in music began when, at aged thirteen, she decided it would be cooler to learn to play the guitar than the oboe. She studied Spanish classical for 4 years and soon began writing her own compositions.

Her first commercially recorded vocal performance was on the Primal Scream track 'Original Sin' - remixed by the famed DJ and producer Andrew Weatherall.

Nina and Andrew went on to set up and successfully manage two techno record labels: 'Sabres of Paradise' and ‘Sabrettes'. (Those at the Brighton Festival in 2000 may remember The Sabrettes Tent as being the last one standing!)

Following the success of several bands on the Sabrettes label in Iceland, Nina helped kick off the techno scene in the country when she co-organised 'UXI' - Iceland's first ever dance festival in 1995. The star line up included The Prodigy, Aphex Twin and Bjork.

Nina performed at Glastonbury and the Phoenix Festival with SLAB - a phat-beat creation she set up with Lol Hammond. During the mid-90s, the band (said to "out-chemical the Chemical Brothers"!) released 5 singles and 2 albums - 'Ripsnorter' and 'Freeky Speed' on the Hydrogen Jukebox label.


Steve Carpenter

Steve completed this short whilst studying on our Film / video making course.

HamfatterHamfatter - Dragons Den heroes!

Jamie Turner secured the record deal of his dreams after attending our New Deal for Musicians programme. His plan was to take his band onto Dragons Den, and it worked!

BBC News article (pdf)

Independent article (pdf)

Daily Mail article (pdf)

Raymond Dyer - Mobo Award Winner

Mobo Award Winner Isaiah-Raymond Dyer from Raymond & Co attended our New Deal for Musicians programme.

"It's great that there are organisations like Hurricane supporting musicians. Life as a musician has it's challenges, especially when working on material that is not classed as mainstream. Hurricane and organisations like them make all the difference on the path to a successful career in music."


Big Brovaz - chart toppers

Chart toppers Big Brovaz attended our New Deal for Musicians programme where our team of industry professionals were able to advise them, answer all their questions and suggest the best future strategies for their obvious talents.

Their music has rightly enjoyed huge success since completing the programme and we wish them every success in the future.

Pulse - South London Press article (PDF)

Leon Jean Marie - recording artist

When Leon enrolled on our Sound Engineering course, it was apparent that he was going places. His music was original, imaginative, fun and with the same experimental feel that Prince had in his early recordings. The course developed his technical skills, allowing his imagination further range.
This year, Leon’s great singing voice, work ethic and positive mental attitude have brought well deserved success. His activities have included productions with Mark Ronson, securing a record deal with Island Records, recording his new album “Bent Out Of Shape”, which has received glowing reviews, and a performance at the Glastonbury festival.

His IMT Hurricane tutor Mark Narayn had this to say about him ..

“His music is beautiful, but the best thing is that you never know what the next song will bring – they’re all so different…. so


Fallen Angelz - music artists

Fallen Angelz attended our New deal for Musicians programme and have since gone on to enjoy success.

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