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Help for candidates/customers

Help for advisors

How our options benefit advisors & their customers


Current course options

These courses are currently available via JobCentrePlus.

Help for candidates/customers

If you are registered unemployed you may be able to attend one of the courses listed on this page for free. Whilst training you will receive the cash equivalent of your unemployment and housing benefit. You will also normally be entitled to the reimbursement of any costs incurred traveling to and from your place of study (and work placement) or meetings with your tutor.

How to apply

Simply call us between 11-5pm on 020 8691 1900 Mon-Fri to find out if you are eligible and ask any questions you may have, or ask your JobCenter advisor to call us next time you see them. We will give you expert advice and explain the procedures. You will be able to attend a free Taster Day to find out exactly what each course entails so you can make an informed decision.


Help for advisors

When to refer

We start a course/group, every 3- 4 weeks. Groups have 10 students, first come-first serve. We therefore ask advisors to refer customers at least 4 weeks before the end of their gateway to ensure they can join a group in time.

We have learnt from experience that fast tracking customers, who are near the end of their gateway, on to the programme before a group is ready to start can greatly increase the chances of that customer leaving prematurely.

The easy way to refer ...

To refer a customer onto any of of our course or programme options just call us on 020 8691 1900 between 10.30am and 5.30pm. We can give you advice on referral procedures, contract numbers and opportunity Numbers, and we will speak to your client whilst you are with them and ensure their preferred option is suitable.

If you want to refer customers yourself ...

To refer a customer onto one any of of our course or programme options ...

a) Establish option your customer is interested in. Call us on 020 8691 1900 and we will talk to you and them.

b) Call us on 020 8691 1900 and book them onto our next available Taster days (approx every 2 weeks) where they will find out in detail about their chosen option and what the New Deal requirements for training are. Our admin team will give you advise on necessary paperwork such as Ref2's.

c) Once your client has attended a taster day and confirmed they are interested, they may be given some Induction Tasks to complete which will help us to construct a learning plan for them and establish that they are serious.

d) When the Induction Tasks have been successfully completed and returned to us we will book them for an induction interview (and SL2 is generated at this point) and confirm a course start day.

e) If you are unable to call us, you should appropriate opportunity numbers by searching on your system (tree of knowledge). Try using the following terms/criteria ...

Web design
Film making
Video making
Sound engineering


How our options benefit you & your customers

Our courses and programmes are designed to improve the employability of students. We aim to equip students with practical skills and knowledge of current industry work practices, and improve their social and interview / job search skills. Our tutors are working professionals and we use the latest industry standard technologies.

Every student is encouraged to apply for a wide range of employment situations, including ANY job that will help them buy essential equipment such as computers, musical instruments and vans etc. Students are not encouraged to apply primarily for aspirational jobs. We help them apply for jobs they could reasonably expect to secure with their current skill set and experience.

Jobs a Web design or eCommerce student will be equipped to apply for

Here are some examples ...

Jobs a Music Production student will be equipped to apply for

Here are some examples ...

Jobs a Film Production student will be equipped to apply for

Here are some examples ...

Jobs a Musician & Performer career mentoring programme student will be equipped to apply for

Here are some examples ...


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