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You may find this page useful if you are interested in applying for a course and are:

Go to funding links on this page (below)

Researching and applying for external funding for IMT courses and your own projects.

Although our prices are as low as possible, many people still can’t afford them. On this page you will find a list of links to possible sources of funding. They took us a day to track down - but you may be able to find many more yourself.

The avenues of funding listed here are as yet untried by us, so we would greatly welcome any feedback from any applications you make.

Most of them have their own application criteria but we would suggest that you go to the page on our website that details the course you would like to attend and paste some details into your cover letter. And also that you detail how this course would help you achieve your personal and employment goals.

We found most of the opportunities via google searches ie ‘Funding+film making+courses’ or ‘Vocational training+bursaries’ constantly revising our key words until we hit something useful, and then following our noses. We would appreciate you letting us know about about any promising new ones you find: we'll add them to the list.

Bigger agencies like the Arts Council/ National Lottery generally don’t fund individuals for courses - but don’t take our word for it – you may be able to make some headway with them, but it will probably be a fair bit of work!

Remember that ‘no reply’ is not a No. Keep resending your enquiries until you get a response. And be prepared to keep rewriting if you are getting lots of No’s.

We will be happy to supply a reference letter if you need one.

We'd suggest you spend some time on our job and placement help page where there are creative industry CV and cover letter templates and lots of useful tips.

Good Hunting,
Dan and Ben



Funding links

Below are some web-based resources on scholarships and loans which may prove useful -

UK Students

Students outside the UK


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